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Matt Weber is a Bay Area native who has been teaching elementary school (3rd grade and 4th grade) near San Francisco for over 18 years.  His first book, a collection of American idioms, was published in China in 1998.  When he is not teaching or writing, he loves to spend time playing and traveling with his wife and two daughters. 

Local writer/photographer is the answer for keeping kids engaged about local sites while they pick up a bit of history along the way.

Parenting on the Peninsula


China from A to Z

26 A to Z topics on the sights, history, and culture of China using rhymes, photos, and facts.


California's Missions from A to Z

Twenty-six historical and architectural features shared by the famous California missions are detailed in an alphabetic format in this perfect learning tool.

San Francisco: The Alphabet Book

Taking readers on an alphabetic journey through the sights and history of San Francisco, this book tours the city from A for Alcatraz to Z for the zig-zag of Lombard Street and all the letters in between.